This video by Canadian Professor Jordan B. Peterson has inspired many people to change the world by starting with themselves.

In this article I already described his advice and how I personally intend to put it into practice. To quickly summarize it, to change the world properly you should:

  • Orient yourself towards the good: set the best goals you can imagine for yourself.
  • Speak the truth: decide you will use your speech to describe reality as it seems to you as clearly as possible, rather than to manipulate it to achieve your aims.
  • Rescue your father from the underworld: recover and integrate your dying culture by reading, writing and speaking about the greatest works of the past.
  • Clean your room: try to fix something around you that you can fix, get better at it. Rinse and repeat.

My own personal addition is: create resources that help others do the same and facilitates collaboration among people with similar aims. This is why I built Sorters Club.

Current features

Sorter Club is a platform for sorters, people who want to transform their lives following Peterson’s advice. While is in its infancy, you can already:

  • Create your profile with a bio and links to places where people can follow you
  • Share your goals (best used in combination with Peterson’s Self Authoring Suite)
  • Create a reading list with links to your articles and videos about the books you read
  • Find other sorters and see what they are up to

I’m improving the platform every week thanks to the input of an early adopter (check out his ambitious reading list!). If there is some feature you would like to see let me know. I aim to make it a very useful tool in your journey to the underworld and back.

I hope you are intrigued. If yes, see you on!

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