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A strong sense of direction can be a superpower in life.

Find it with Professional Life Coaching.

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Hi, I’m Nick Redmark. I’m a professional life coach. I want to help you live a passionate and fulfilling life.

I believe personal development is a never ending journey. I put all my personal growth process out there, mainly on youtube.

I’m happy to apply all my competences to your specific life situation. You can book a free, nonbinding coaching session with me.



I’m currently in the certification process at the oldest coaching school in Switzerland, acknowledged by the International Coaching Federation.


The coaching is done online with Skype or Google Hangouts, you can easily pick the dates and times that suit you.


I believe in and live by these principles. On this website you will find a ton of material to complement the coaching.

INtellectually honest

While I’m open minded I strive to be extremely transparent about what I know to be true and what is speculation.


Nick is a great systems thinker. He takes a good, hard look at the important aspects of your life and provides the guidance necessary to determine what areas need to be improved, and how to improve them in a practical and authentic way. Derek C

Nicola is a great listener and helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in a playful way. We successfully determined and addressed important topics I wanted to improve in my private and professional life and figured out mechanisms and tools to support me with that. I really appreciate his kind nature and I can highly recommend working with him. Marc

Over the course of 4 sessions the quality of my life improved on a general scale from 2 to 6, which I consider to be a big, positive change. I couldn’t have done that without your questioning and coaching. Thank you. NRB

For me, Nick is not part of some greedy/profiteering corporate enterprise or some big shot self-help guru that I don’t trust. He is a cool (in a way normal) guy who wants to contribute something to the world (and I think even grow himself) by helping people. Sumit Rai

He humbly put himself at the service of the client. He doesn’t put his own preconceptions into the process but allows the person to develop his/her own competence, concepts and solutions. The result of the coaching is something authentic, personal, 100% related to the individual. Lorenzo-Michael Piacenza

Nick’s process of creating a graph of your thoughts is very helpful. Karolina

The Impact of a Decision

The decisions we make every day shape our life years into the future. What could your life look like if you decided to explore, define and straighten out what you truly want and how to get there? Commit to a future not left completely in the hands of fate!