When someone tells me

I ask him

You see, to be an alpha dog, you have, first and foremost, to be social.

Maybe you are the strongest one, maybe you are the funniest one. Maybe you are the bravest, or the most loyal and helpful.

And probably you are all of them together, if you want your rule to last.

And the girls will like you, oh yes they will.

But not all of them.

Some of them are watching out for someone else: the alpha cat!

The alpha cat roams alone. Lonesome but not lonely. He respects the alpha dog, but he doesn’t play his game. While the alpha dog rules his kingdom, the alpha cat roams at its borders. He walks among the losers and the exiled, but is not one of them. He is a pack of one.

To be an alpha cat is dangerous. To be an alpha cat is hard. You have to be strong, you have to be brave. And you have to be loyal and true to your inner calling. Because your integrity and independence are everything you have. It’s the only difference between you and the exiled dog. And you don’t want to be the exiled dog. It’s a harsh world out there.

If you are an alpha cat don’t despair. For you too, there will be a girl. A particular breed of girl. The cat girl.

The cat girl, like you, doesn’t play the game everyone is playing. She has seen you. She secretly admires you. She is there to help you. She is your ally.

Watch out for the cat girl. If you spot one, go talk to her.

Good luck, alpha cat!

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