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The Meaning of Meaning

In this episode I talk about what meaning means (in the psychological sense), or, at least, what it means to me.

The Fireside Chat

Interviews with interesting people.

Navigating the Coaching Space with Bas Kooijman

In this fireside chat I talk to Bas Kooijman. He is an entrepreneur, a coach and a coach trainer. Check him out on On the platform he trains people in trading.

Find Your Why with Jorge Perez

I was excited to finally be able to have an interview with a coach! Jorge Perez is a life and relationship coach, founder of He is a very positive and motivating guy. I loved our conversation, probably my best interview so far. Enjoy!

Self Authorship and Beyond with Radius Unknown

In this fireside chat I talk to Ava from Radius Unknown. We chat about her future plans, wide/narrow focus, masculinity/femininity, detachment/narrative, self authoring, death, coaching, floating tanks and psychedelic experiences. I really enjoyed this conversation.

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