Web Engineer

Nick has has a MSc in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. Works as a web engineer in Zurich Switzerland.

Professional Coach

Nick practices as a professional coach. In the certification process at IDC.

Personal Development Youtuber

Nick creates videos about psychology and personal development on a regular basis.

Tech Youtuber

Under the name Nick Techmark, Nick creates videos about technology, in particular Holochain.

Inspiration Tweeter

Nick shares his thoughts and communicates with the Zeitgeist on twitter.

Mental Model Instagrammer

Nick shares diagrams of his mental models on Instagram.

Essay Writer

When he feels like, Nick writes a blog post on this site.

Open Source Creator

Nick is the author of two popular open source libraries for Node.js called Staart and Ooth.


Nick is fascinated by the potential of holochain and wants to explore its potential to generate large scale collaboration.

Game B Player

Nick uses a significant amount of his time to play Jordan Greenhall’s Game B. Meaning first!

Tech Essay Writer

Sometimes, Nick writes tech articles on Medium.

Secret Category

Nick has something about him that you don’t know.

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