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Strategies and systems

Simplify Your Life with These “Magic Questions”

In our times, where progress is speeding up exponentially, and life is becoming more and more complex, it is easy to become overwhelmed. In this video you will learn a couple of techniques you can use to simplify your life.

What People Say

Nicola is a great listener and helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in a playful way. We successfully determined and addressed important topics I wanted to improve in my private and professional life and figured out mechanisms and tools to support me with that. I really appreciate his kind nature and I can highly recommend working with him. Marc

For me, Nick is not part of some greedy/profiteering corporate enterprise or some big shot self-help guru that I don’t trust. He is a cool (in a way normal) guy who wants to contribute something to the world (and I think even grow himself) by helping people. Sumit Rai

Nick’s process of creating a graph of your thoughts is very helpful. Karolina

Nick is a great systems thinker. He takes a good, hard look at the important aspects of your life and provides the guidance necessary to determine what areas need to be improved, and how to improve them in a practical and authentic way. Derek C

Over the course of 4 sessions the quality of my life improved on a general scale from 2 to 6, which I consider to be a big, positive change. I couldn’t have done that without your questioning and coaching. Thank you.


The Fireside Chat

Interviews with interesting people.

Navigating the Coaching Space with Bas Kooijman

In this fireside chat I talk to Bas Kooijman. He is an entrepreneur, a coach and a coach trainer. Check him out on http://baskooijman.eu/. On the platform http://myimarketslive.co he trains people in trading.

Find Your Why with Jorge Perez

I was excited to finally be able to have an interview with a coach! Jorge Perez is a life and relationship coach, founder of rightpathlifecoaching.com. He is a very positive and motivating guy. I loved our conversation, probably my best interview so far. Enjoy!

Self Authorship and Beyond with Radius Unknown

In this fireside chat I talk to Ava from Radius Unknown. We chat about her future plans, wide/narrow focus, masculinity/femininity, detachment/narrative, self authoring, death, coaching, floating tanks and psychedelic experiences. I really enjoyed this conversation.

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